Faiza Saeed

August Beginners Workshop

I was excited about my August workshop, because a group of diverse people attended. They were introduced to the history of mosaic and the various countries the art originated from. The attendees could relate as they were each from various countries: Italy, Turkey, Singapore, the UK, and Bahrain. It was a great group as they inspired me as well.

They learned how to draw and sketch on wood, and carefully selected their mosaic tiles and tesserae. I demonstrated how to cut the tiles and tesserae with nippers. They learned how to use the nippers quickly. Of course, safety measures were taken.

I love the fact that the attendees are artistic in their own way – for example Leylan is a jewelry designer, while Mona is an architect, and Marco has experimented with mosaic before. Faith has also attended one of my previous workshops and her mosaic has improved!


Leylan cutting tesserae


Mona cutting her selected tesserae


Marco is very focused while working


Faith working hard on her mosaic piece!


Collage of the attendees working


Collage of the attendees working

I hope the attendees enjoyed the workshop as much as I did. It was a pleasure meeting such interesting people.

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