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5 Ways To Decorate Your Garden With Mosaic

You’re enjoying a nice cup of coffee out in the garden among the fresh greens and bright pinks, reds, and yellows spread across the soil. What a beautiful sight. Yet you look around and feel like, even with all that perfection, something is still missing. You glance at the table standing beside you, plain and bland – the dull clay pots sitting unapologetically on the wall – and you think to yourself – they could use some colour.

Garden Pot

But, where do you start? Given our harsh hot and humid weather conditions, you worry that anything will perish out in the sun. But not anything will; Mosaic pieces are made of the sturdiest materials out there, allowing them to stand the test of time, and to be passed on from one generation to another.

Here are 5 ways to bring Mosaic into your garden:

1- Table Tops: Instead of placing your outdoor cup of coffee on a plain old table, add a touch of colour and excitement to the surface. Mosaic work on table tops almost always tell a story, and usually surround a centerpiece that initially inspired the pattern and colours around it.
2- Garden Pots: Clay pots can be repetitive and boring to look at, even though they proudly hold bright greens and flowers in place for everyone to see. Cover your pots up with a mosaic pattern of any size and colour – you’ll find that even a solid colour will bring some texture to the garden, making your plants stand out from the rest.
3- Stepping Stones: Create a path through your garden with brightly coloured mosaic stepping-stones. Not only will they cover up the soil, but you’ll also find your usual stroll through the garden more enjoyable when taking steps on works of art.
4- Gazing Balls: Opt for mosaic patterns on a gazing ball of the same colour scheme of your garden. These round structures reflect the sunlight beautifully on all surrounding surfaces, and instantly become an exciting accessory to the garden.
5- Sculptures: Mosaic sculptures are often made of wood and will resemble trees with an artistic twist when placed between your larger plants. A sophisticated touch to add to your garden, these sculptures stand the test of time through the harshest weather conditions for you to enjoy for years to come.

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