Faiza Saeed

Scuba Master Mosaic Workshop

Scuba Master Workshop

Faiza Saeed recently held a mosaic art workshop at the Scuba Master Center in Um Al-Hassam. The workshop participants were a group of professional scuba divers with an interest in learning mosaic art. The participants were drawn to the scuba diving and sea theme. They were engaged in creating their own unique work of art using vibrant tesserae. The two-day workshop included an explanation of the direct method of mosaic art, as well as explaining the tools. Faiza Saeed’s hands-on teaching approach enabled the participants to learn how to cut the tesserae and release their inner artists through designing their own mosaic piece. In addition, they learned how to grout.

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Faiza enjoys teaching mosaic to art enthusiasts. Mosaic art is an art that can be easily taught and learnt through dedication and patience. Faiza’s love for mosaics started from the moment she laid eyes on them when visiting museums in Britain, Italy, and Spain. She then went on to meet legendary British mosaic artist Emma Biggs taking lessons on designing and experimenting with the medium from her London studio.

Faiza Saeed conducts regular workshops once a month. To book a workshop for your friends and family, contact info@faizasaeedmosaic.com.