Feedback from Faiza Saeed workshops and events:

I’ve heard about Faiza Saeed’s workshop through the internet and decided to participate in the beginner’s workshop in August. The workshop was excellent! It was very informative and I’m excited to start on another project. We started observing shapes and colors for inspirational ideas. The whole experience was great! I am looking forward to joining the advanced workshops. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking for some inspiration!

Faith Pearson

Faiza’s workshop was very great and enjoyable. I really enjoyed learning the art of mosaic, it’s so much fun and really brings out the artist within. This course was like an eye opener to me! I’ve always loved mosaic and never thought I would be able to do it. Mosaic art fascinates me, and now that I’m doing it it makes me feel great! It’s relaxing and is my own way to mediate with myself and music.

Sara Mansouri

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as the environment allows you to experiment without boundaries. I also enjoyed expanding my skills and learning the variety techniques of mosaic. I am very pleased with my work and love the effect of the mosaic! Its very relaxing I would like to be able to buy a wider variety of tiles to work on future projects. Would very much like the course to be longer than 4 weeks as I did not finish!!

Estelle Wadle

I learned so much about mosaics and especially how to apply and finish a project. Mrs. Faiza is very clear with her descriptions about how to cut and place the tiles. She also gives constant feedback and positive suggestions. I loved the class. My only regret is 4 weeks went by so quickly! Thank you, Mrs. Faiza for an interesting and enjoyable mosaic workshop.

Paula LaPree

I found the class enlightening and the background of Faiza very inspiring. Started the mosaic class expecting to achieve not much but very impressed with my progress. I hope to continue and become better at this craft. I found Faiza very patient and knowledgeable, a lovely person.

Lauratu Osu

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It allows you to be creative without limitation / judgement. We were well looked after, in a great atmosphere. The 4 weeks seemed short for the amount that needs to be done, so it is necessary to work at home. It would be nice to experiment other surfaces as well. Thank you so much!

Ina Kalis

After finding out about Faiza Saeed’s workshops through Instagram, I decided to join the Basic Mosaic Workshop. It was successful and great! I learnt the basics and the cut of the mosaics. I would definitely attend another intermediate or advanced workshop and recommend them to a friend.

Mona Almoataz (Full Time Mother)

I have participated in the beginner’s workshop when I heard about it from World Beat Fitness Center. The workshop was excellent and interesting! It was very well explained and it was a pleasure to have Faiza as a teacher. I have a great respect for this art. At the beginning it was a bit challenging but it was certainly enjoyable! I would recommend this workshop to my friends and family and I’d love to join the intermediate workshop.

Leylan S. (Jewelry Designer)

I am Uzma, and I learned a lot in this class. It was so good and really full of enjoyment. Our teacher, Faiza is also so helpful. I like the way she taught us all her talent in such a cheerful manner. I love working with her, I really like her in every aspect. She is so kind and talented and some day I want to be lik her. The art which I learned from her gives me such an eternal feeling of perfectness and it creates a professional and aesthetic sense in my work too. Thank you so much for such a pleasant environment and helpful hearning process. I would love to work with Faiza again.

Uzma (Uzma, one of our most talented mosaic students is profoundly deaf)

The workshop is so amazing and interesting with lots of interaction with each other. I enjoyed learning the art of mosaic as I’ve always had a passion and a fixation with it since my childhood. I still remember seeing a colouring book with mosaic patterns in it and trying to copy it for the longest time. I would definitely attend another Faiza Saeed workshop and recommend them to a friend.

Amal Al Alawi

It was a real pleasure to attend your course. I rediscovered the artist from inside of me and appreciate this opportunity to relax the mind and to think with my soul. The mosaic technique is a wonderful way to create beautiful things and to forgive ourselves and the people around us. A big thank you for your help and kindness to share with us this gift!


I had thoroughly an enjoyable time, learnt alot, made new friends and worked out some great ideas for future works...


Very fun! Learned helpful techniques.


It was a very nice experience I enjoyed it alot. Hope to see you soon in other workshops..Thank you so much!